About Westberry Investing and Consulting

Westberry Investing and Consulting We serve an exclusive, preferred group of clients. We employ and contract with a select set of talented professionals to form the CWCG, Team. We provide entrepreneurial guidance to high-impact starter.
We offer both innovative and traditional private financing consultation. We create exclusive Parallel Asset Lives for our clients' financial assets. We enhance our clients' Civic and Social Capital through innovative design.
We invite our clients to serve as an Advisory Board to our organization. Weachieve results
We boast a unique Customer satisfaction record with our extensive Clientele, both in and out of the state.

Chase A. Lalani, CWCG (founder) has a degree in Economics and Business from UM (Ind.) Continuing legal education program from Florida International University (Miami,FL). He has been actively involved in the legal industries since 1985. He is the president of Judicial Research and Retrieval Services (Since 1996), President of Judicial Investigation since 2011, Vice President of ELPAS-FOUNDATION USA. (a Non-Profit Organization) since 2013, He started Consulting in January 2014, after 15 years of continued experience in mergers and acquisitions in real estate,Commercial and Residential, managing business assets. He specializes in corporate transactions and is currently the managing director of Chase Westberry Consulting Group, LLC

Chase Westberry Consulting Group, llC. is a wealth optimization firm that serves affluent Residential and Commercial prospects. CWCG, LLC offers a number of consulting services, in areas including new ventures, merger and acquisitions and investment management.
The firm also provides investment and growth consulting. In addition, CWCG, llc., offers foundation services, which assists clients in obtaining finance, investment funds and planning either long or short term growth. Chase Westberry Consulting Group llC, is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and offers these services across the United States.

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